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We were talking on #town about the plural of batman. I thought it would be simple—is it batmen, batsmen, or batsman? But of course that's leaving out batsmans, so I had to write a script to get all of the permutations:

for b in bat bats; do
  for m in mans men mens; do
    echo $b$m

Oh, but we forgot batfolk! And while we're at it, dozens mentioned that

a group of bats is called a shriek, a cauldron, or a colony

so here's the updated script:

for b in bat bats shriek cauldron colony; do
  for m in mans men mens folk folks people peoples persons; do
    echo $b$m

This gives us the final, canonical output:

  1. batmans
  2. batmen
  3. batmens
  4. batfolk
  5. batfolks
  6. batpeople
  7. batpeoples
  8. batpersons
  9. batsmans
  10. batsmen
  11. batsmens
  12. batsfolk
  13. batsfolks
  14. batspeople
  15. batspeoples
  16. batspersons
  17. shriekmans
  18. shriekmen
  19. shriekmens
  20. shriekfolk
  21. shriekfolks
  22. shriekpeople
  23. shriekpeoples
  24. shriekpersons
  25. cauldronmans
  26. cauldronmen
  27. cauldronmens
  28. cauldronfolk
  29. cauldronfolks
  30. cauldronpeople
  31. cauldronpeoples
  32. cauldronpersons
  33. colonymans
  34. colonymen
  35. colonymens
  36. colonyfolk
  37. colonyfolks
  38. colonypeople
  39. colonypeoples
  40. colonypersons

Of course, dzwdz pointed out that Oglaf had already solved the problem.....

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